MLK Celebration in Bainbridge

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The Bainbridge community is keeping the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King alive.

Sylvester Martin, a Bainbridge resident, said, "A lot of people lose their lives for this day and I think everybody white, black, everybody should enjoy and get together and have a march and hold hands and shake hands and say just like Martin Luther King: free at last."

Roger Andrews, also a Bainbridge resident, added, "It's just wonderful that he was born to give us this and I think that we should keep it alive."

For many in the community, celebrating Dr. King's life and lessons is a way to share history and progress with younger generations.

Emma Brown, a Bainbridge resident, said, "It's important for the kids, that way they can find out where we come from, how it was hard when we was coming up, but today now they got it so easy and the reason is most of it because of Martin Luther King."

For James Lodman this celebration is a way to share with his son Kendell a piece of history.

Minister James Lodman said, "I think it's important that he know what Martin Luther King stood for, has made it better not only for him but for kids of all races."

It was a celebration to honor a man who stood for justice and unity by one community coming together to make his dream a reality.

The Martin Luther King events in Bainbridge included a march, a Rosa Parks memorial, and guest speakers, music and dance performances.