Heating Costs Up in Georgia

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For many, the first winter heating bills have already arrived, and for homeowners like J. Knapp, as the mercury dropped, the heating bill went up.

J. Knapp, a Thomasville homeowner, said, "This last month we had some cool snaps and the heating bill was higher than the bill was the month before."

High gas prices have translated into high heating bills for homes using natural gas. The Georgia Public Service Commission says consumer complaints about gas bills are pouring in, and say the average Peach State bill is 55 percent higher than it was at this time last year, which has some homeowners saying electric is the way to go when heating your home.

Knapp added, "In this house, I feel pretty good about it."

And while there may be no good news for those already suffering from high heating cost, there are a few tips for heating your home this winter.

Archie Parker with Parker's Heating and Cooling suggests, "Service your unit once a year at least, and then also is you're going to have a lot of repairs to an old system, sometimes it's just better to replace it rather than to keep putting money into an old system."

And with a long winter still ahead, a few helpful tips could go a long way in the coming months as Georgia homeowners try to stay warm and keep those heating bills down.

Georgia's Public Service Commission reports a 300 percent increase from last month for some Peach State residents.