Hundreds Nabbed for Running Red Lights

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Tallahassee police are halfway through this month's campaign to put the brakes on red light running.

Since January 1, officers have cited more than 300 drivers for breaking the law!

If that number stays on track, Tallahassee police say 500 drivers could be ticketed by the end of the month. Compare that to the just more than 1,700 red light tickets written for the entire year last year!

LT David Folsom with the Tallahassee Police Department Traffic Unit said, "One of the leading causes of crashes in Tallahassee is simply people not stopping at a red light, and that is why we're out doing enforcement."

Police are concentrating on all the intersections around town, especially some of the city's most dangerous at Apalachee Parkway and Blair Stone and Apalachee and Magnolia.

The fine for running a red light in Tallahassee is $185.50.