Charges Dropped in Gadsden County Shooting

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Pearlie Brooks is the first to tell you she holds no grudge against the man who shot her grandson, Lamarius Griffin.

"I'm not upset about it because it was really an accident, and nobody can put into my head otherwise. It was really an accident," says Brooks.

Griffin was shot back on December 29 by his best friend, 20-year-old Antonio Browning. That day the two were in a room alone at the Havana Heights apartment complex.

Authorities say the victim, Griffin, was sitting down while Browning was standing over him. Authorities then say Griffin was shot once in the top of the head. There were no witnesses to the shooting.

Based on evidence presented from the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, the state attorney's office has ruled there is not enough evidence to charge Browning with a crime, and the families of both parties agree.

"The family at this time is coming together and saying that they didn't want anything done to Antonio Browning because they were very, very close friends and they think it was an accident that the shooting took place," says MAJ James Morgan of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office.

"If Antonio meant to shoot my grandson, he wouldn't have stayed until the police arrived. He didn't run our anything. When he came down the stairs, he had blood on his shirt. He said, 'I shot my best friend. I shot my best friend," adds Brooks.

Authorities are still awaiting ballistics evidence from the FDLE crime lab, and depending on that we could see a new chapter in this case.

Meanwhile, Browning said he was still sad over the death of his friend but did not comment any further.