Antique Show and Sale

The Tallahassee Garden Club's Third Annual Antique Show and Sale is almost over, and antique lovers won't just be picking up a whatnot, they'll also help make Tallahassee beautiful.

The show is a fundraiser for the Garden Club. If there's a garden in town, members say they probably had their hands in it.

The last couple of shows raised between one and two thousand dollars each, so the Garden Club is hoping for a similar success this year.

Karen Loewen with the Tallahassee Garden Club said, “Flowers and a beautiful Tallahassee is what it's all about, our latest project is we're working on the HOPE Community for the homeless to help them have a pretty place to live."

The antique show picked up Sunday morning at the Tallahassee Garden Center at 507 North Calhoun Street from noon until 5 p.m.