Mini Dance Marathon for High Schoolers

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Kayla Mills is a healthy five-year-old today, but she suffered a variety of health problems at birth. With the help of Children's Miracle Network, Kayla made a full recovery.

"We're one of the lucky families. We still meet other families here all the time. We just talked to one of them, that they were going down to Shands because their kid had just had another brain surgery. We're lucky because our problems are done. They still live with this everyday," says Ed Mills, father of Kayla.

So Florida State students are raising money for the Children's Miracle Network with dance marathon events like a mini-dance marathon for high school students.

"Dance marathon does support the local children of Tallahassee, so by doing this it shows them to get involved for their community and just by getting involved in philanthropic events is really just so helpful," explains Whittney Laws, the public relations chairperson of the dance marathon.

In this mini dance marathon FSU students showed the high schoolers what the actual dance marathon is like and how the money they raise is used for kids like Kayla.

"One day I want to become a neonatal nurse, and just seeing the families here and meeting all the families and being with all the students made me feel very appreciative," said Carlissa Smith, a high school participant of the mini dance marathon.

"One guy told us the story about his daughter and it was really touching ‘cause they saved her through this," added Zoe Cunningham, another high school participant.

And this kind of awareness is exactly what organizers say the event is all about. Florida State's actual dance marathon is set for February 11 and 12. Organizers hope to raise over $200,000 for the Children's Miracle Network.