Shell Point Rebuilds

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Wakulla waters may rise and fall, but residents in Shell Point are not paddling for shore. They're rebuilding for the future, higher than before.

Dennis may have forced them out of their homes six months ago, but you won't see them packing up and shipping out.

Laura Hess, a homeowner, says, "No, no, almost everybody is staying."

Laura Hess says her house was torn in two when Dennis washed ashore. Rather than give up on the coast she loves, she's building bigger and better than ever.

Knock on any doors and you'll probably get the same answer. Realtors say people are once again looking to move to the coast.

Ted Gaupin, a realtor with Century 21, says, "Actually, the market had become sort of still after Dennis and up through December, but it's starting to look much, much better."

It's not all as easy as waiting for an insurance check. Residents say they had to fight for their money to rebuild, and now they have more guidelines to live up to.

But as long as it's enough to withstand this year’s storms, they'll take it.

Hess says her home should be done by the end of May, just before the season starts.