Florida Produces Terror Public Service Announcements

State officials say there is no truth that Florida is or was a prime target of a dirty bomb.

And that the source of that information, a captured terrorist, is not credible. State officials are also distancing themselves from suggestions that duct tape is an essential item for protection.

At the height of the Cuban missile crises children were taught to drop and cover, to hide under their school desks in case of a nuclear attack. Gov. Jeb Bush got that advice as a kid.

Now the governor says current day suggestions to stock up on duct tape are just about as useful.

"They are in the lower end of the priority list, to be honest with you,” says Gov. Jeb Bush.

But the governor says the threat of a terrorists attack are real. And with his top law enforcement official at his side, he previewed five public service announcements being sent to Florida TV stations.

Jeb Bush says there is no truth to reports that Florida is a target for a dirty bomb

Tim Moore the Commissioner for the Department of law Enforcement says he is confident Florida will be notified by the federal

Government if there is a known threat to the state.

And in keeping with his policy of normalcy, Jeb Bush is leaving on a six-day trade mission to Spain on Saturday, despite heighten terrorist warnings.

Florida is believed to be the first state to distribute homeland security announcements.