Archbold Unveils New East Tower

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After years of planning and construction, Archbold Hospital's new east tower is complete.

Dr. Jim Story, President/CEO of Archbold Hospital, said, "Great day it is, we've worked for about two years to get to this day and we're getting close now to opening out new east tower."

The 90,000 square foot addition to Archbold's main facility comes equipped with many cutting edge technologies, some of which can be found in the Loudermilk Heart and Vascular Center.

Dr. Rex Teeslink, Vascular Intervention Radiologist, said, "This is what we call an OR compatible room in that if we're doing a patient in here, say perhaps a endograph, who has an abdominal aneurism and for what reason we have to convert that to an open procedure we can simply open up this room and do it because the room is set up as if it was an OR."

That theme of improving patient care echoes throughout the new east tower. The new five-bed critical care unit features private waiting rooms for families, and dialysis services are expanded in the new nephrology unit

Amy Jaramillo, CCU and Nephrology Director, said, "We actually have the capability of dialyzing 24 patients at one time in the 14 bay area, and then we have 10 isolation rooms."

With construction on the four story building complete and state of the art equipment in place, all that's needed are the patients, and the hospital says that will happen in the very near future.

Archbold's east tower will also home to the Thomas Lyle Williams, Jr. Education Center.