Wedding Costs

Here comes the bride! For some couples walking down the isle it is something they dream and plan of for a long time. Now those who plan on making that important step are finding out that weddings can be the most expensive event of their lives.

The big day! The perfect dress, the delicious cake, and the groom's tux, all the details that come with planning a wedding, but couples say the matrimonial affair can get pretty pricey.

Leann Alday will be getting married on September 23 and says, "We're doing a lot of stuff ourselves, so the most expensive thing is going to be dresses and the reception."

Lyndsey Ferguson is getting married on June 28, 2007 and says, "It will be between the rings and the honeymoon, most likely my honeymoon will be a big penny, but my engagement ring will be the most expensive thing we are getting."

Eddie Watkins will be getting married to Lyndsey on June 28, 2007, and he adds, "Our budget is like $25,000, so I wanted a big wedding. It's me who wanted a big wedding, so I want to go all out."

And going all out can cause some couples a great deal of stress.

Micky Davis will be getting married on September 9 and says, "I'd rather not be involved, it's stressful. All the questions that have to be answered, what you’re going to do when it's going to be done, things like that."

With a guest list of 15 or 500, throwing the perfect wedding could put a significant dent in your wallet. reports the average price for a wedding in Tallahassee is $30,000.