Legal Community Remembers Prosecutor

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The Florida legal community is mourning one of its own.

Ray Marky, who helped reinstate the death penalty laws in Florida, has lost his battle with cancer.

"We're just gonna miss him and Florida is gonna miss him," said State Attorney William Meggs.

Meggs and other colleagues of Assistant State Attorney Ray Marky are remembering him for his intelligence and dedication in the state judicial system.

"You could go throughout the state of Florida and talk to prosecutors that handle important criminal cases, and they all knew and loved Ray," said Circuit Judge Jimmy Hankinson, who worked with Marky on several cases.

From the Florida attorney general’s office to the state attorney’s office, Marky's colleagues are most proud of his work writing death penalty laws. They also remember him for representing the state in Ted Bundy's appeals process.

"Ray had involvement in everybody's case. State attorneys from all over Florida called him continuously," said Meggs.

Former State Prosecutor Bob Cummings says,"He was never intimidated, but was a perfect gentleman without being a prude; a lot of man in a very small package!"

Assistant State Attorney Neill Wade considered Marky a mentor.

"Ray was one of those folks that has a historical sense of the law. Not only could he tell you what the law is, but Ray knew how it got there."

Colleagues say even when he was off the clock, Marky was always a phone call away.

"You'd call him when he was home or off and he'd give you an answer," said Meggs.

“You know he's a legend. There's not many around. They don't make ‘em like Ray anymore."