Changes Could Affect HOPE Scholarships

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Many students across the state depend on the HOPE Scholarship to help pay for college, but changes are being made that could affect their chances of getting it.

Lowndes High School Principal Wes Taylor says, "They're going from a numeric grading scale to a 4.0 grading scale."

Another change is that students will no longer receive extra points for honors courses, only AP and IB classes. Some educators are worried that without the added points,
some students may not have any incentive to take these upper level courses.

Counselor Janice Baker says, "We're really concerned about students being willing to stretch themselves."

Baker believes that students push themselves more when incentives are involved.

Baker says, "Being stricter is ok, but also there should be some motivation.”

Some students say there are other scholarships out there that they hope to get, so they'll continue working as hard as ever.

Sophomore Korey Good says, "I'm going take all the hard courses that I can, as many as I can and try and get into as many clubs as I can so I can get more scholarships."

These changes will go into effect in the fall of 2006. The changes will not affect this year's seniors unless they wait a year to enroll in a college.

Lowndes and other local high schools will hold a community-wide college night on January 23. There you will be able to get more info on these changes.