Cleaning Up Georgia

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More than $10 million may be spent next year to clean up the Peach State if Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue gets his way.

Money is already being collected for environmental cleanup. For years, the environmental cleanup money the state of Georgia collected from businesses and local governments has been spent on other projects. Local environmental activists don't understand why, but they are glad to hear that Gov. Sonny Perdue wants to see that change.

Aaron Strickland with Keep Lowndes-Valdosta Beautiful says, "Why it hasn't been spent where it should have been and why there's freedom to spend it on other things, I don't understand."

If approved by the General Assembly, the governor's plan would go towards toxic waste removal projects and recycling program awareness campaigns.

Local activists are hopeful this new environmental spending will help clean up those major toxic sites, but also help improve other areas around the state including the Little River.

Biologists at Valdosta State University say getting more people involved in recycling should be a major goal. Strickland agrees.

"We need to be recycling as much as we can and it really sounds like a good idea for money to be spent on what it was supposed to be spent on."

Many Georgians hope it will be money well spent to create a cleaner Georgia for generations to come.

VSU biology professor Brad Bergstrom says that steps should be taken to make sure this money can only be used on environmental improvement projects.