Florida, Georgia Among Deadliest States for Young Drivers

Getting your license and your first set of keys is a day that doesn't come soon enough for most teenagers, but police warn those first years on the road could cost you your life.

Trevor Williams remembers those days all too well.

"When you turn 16 you get your license. It's that taste of freedom and the pedal to the metal all the time."

Williams says he's a much more responsible driver now, especially after he's lost four of his friends in crashes, two of whom were FSU students.

"Hours on the road, miles, it tends to calm you down and you start to realize the severity of what you're doing."

The National Safety Council says Florida is ranked seventh with the highest number of youth driving fatalities. Georgia comes in at number 11.

"I guess maybe there's a feeling of invisibility where they don't think anything bad can happen to them, and we see it on a regular basis that it can and it does," said SGT Steve Gauding with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Officers say they're doing all they can to curb the statistics.

"We have our speed program, which is for younger drivers. There's a ‘Stay Alive Drom Education’ program that we're attempting to get in all the high schools here."

There’s only so much they can do. That's why Williams says it's up to him to take safety into his own hands. Officers say the best advice is still to slow down, avoid drinking and driving and buckle up.