FSU Students Discuss Attitudes Towards Recycling

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Wednesday, FSU students were quizzed on their knowledge of the environment, later signing a pledge to recycle whenever possible.

"We did a trash audit last year and paper was the biggest component that would be the easiest to reduce of the waist stream," says Jacqueline Martin of the University's Environmental Service Program.

The hope is during this Recycling Awareness Week more students will notice the campus recycle bins walking to and from classes.

"A lot of people don't even know that we have recycling bins on campus. They kind of blend in with the scenery. They don't even know where they are," says FSU student Mary Grant-Dolley.

Several students have responded this week by dropping off old electronics, but what's stopping more students from recycling?

"It has to do with laziness. Laziness is like 60 percent of the program; ignorance is 40 percent of the problem," says student Will Romine.

"The students themselves are divided on the issue. Most people promote recycling, in theory, and want to do good for their community. But it's hard for them to bag the items and truck them down to the recycling center," adds Martin.

In recent years there have been new efforts to recycle during university football and baseball games. There has also been a slight increase in campus-wide recycling activities.

The goal is to continue helping students make smart choices for the environment. FSU is holding a special recycling forum on campus Thursday night at the Student Services Building starting at 6:00 p.m.