Tomato Bouncing Back After Post-Wilma Shortage

South Florida growers lost a crop when Hurricane Wilma hit in October, but Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson says new tomatoes are being harvested and are ready for shipment.

Charles Bronson says, "We have plenty of tomatoes once again. They’re out there, they’re coming off. After those hurricanes, they replanted. There are plenty of tomatoes and just an unusually large amount of number one tomatoes ready to go. We just need to make sure that people across the country know that."

But many people, including wholesales and brokers, still think there’s a shortage, so Bronson says they’re e-mailing the brokers and taking out newspaper ads telling consumers there are plenty of tomatoes.

In fact, there are so many tomatoes in south Florida that Bronson says farmers are worried their crops might rot in the fields if sales don’t pick up.