Grand Jury Clears Tallahassee Police

Four Tallahassee police officers are cleared of any wrongdoing in the deadly shooting of a Thomasville teenager. The decision came from a Leon County grand jury just after 6 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Seventeen-year-old John Francis Hayes was killed in November as officers responded to the sound of gunfire near Chubby's nightclub.

Officers contend the teenager refused to step away from a car with a gun inside and had lunged toward it right before officers opened fire.

The four officers who fired shots at Hayes that night testified before a grand jury, telling them what happened in those critical seconds.

State Attorney Willie Meggs says the officers shot Hayes in the head, back and buttocks after the threat of a night stick and taser didn't stop him.

After eight hours of testimony the grand jury issued a "no true bill," which means officers were justified in using deadly force that night and will not face any criminal charges for it.