Tallahassee Police Fatally Shoot Dog

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A Tallahassee man is grieving after police say they were forced to shoot and kill his dog.

"The pit bull, which obviously pit bulls are known for being aggressive animals, tried to attack the officers and was shot by two officers," said LT Glenn Sapp with the Tallahassee Police Department.

The officers were called to the corner of Alabama and California Streets in reference to an assault with a deadly weapon. Officers say when they approached the house the dog came outside and tried to attack them.

Neighbors who report hearing several gunshots say something else could've been done.

"How close they were, they could've shot the dog with a taser instead of outright killing it. It's kinda like sad ‘cause he really did love his dog. You could always see him walking his dog, feeding his dog, playing with his dog," said Elnora Kelly.

Now an investigation is underway to further determine whether the officers were justified in using deadly force.

"Any time an officer is involved in a shooting, whether it be to a person or to an animal, our internal affairs unit responds to the scene which they have, and a thorough investigation will occur in terms of how man rounds were fired to make sure those officers did meet our standard operating procedure," said Sapp.