Former Teacher Arrested on Sex Charges

A former high school teacher is arrested accused of stalking and fondling a student.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office arrested 45-year-old Christopher Barwick. The former Taylor County High School math teacher is accused of sexual offenses against one of his own students.

Charmaine White, a Taylor County resident, said, "To be with them sexually, I think that's wrong. You send your kids there to get an education. For them to be able to manipulate your child and try to be with them, I think that's wrong."

In the probable cause report, SGT Charles Campbell says that Barwick admitted to stalking the student who was 16 at the time, even saying he was in love with the victim.

The report shows Barwick was issued a no contact order in July 2005 and a restraining order in August.

Taylor County school officials say they knew there was a restraining order against Christopher Barwick, but were unaware of the details behind it. They say their only instructions were to notify authorities if they saw him.

Oscar M. Howard, Jr., Taylor County School Superintendent, says, "They were alerted that he was in close proximity of the school grounds, they notified law enforcement and they acted appropriately. That's basically what our involvement was."

SGT Campbell writes in his statement that on the day Barwick was arrested, Barwick followed the victim to school, placed a bag of donuts on her car and drove around the school until he was stopped and arrested.

Barwick taught at Taylor County High during the 2004-2005 school year. He's charged with aggravated stalking and a lewd act on a child. He has been released on bail from the Taylor County Jail.