Bush Proposes Laptops for Teachers

Last week we told you about Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's $239 million initiative to recruit and retain teachers. Announced in Miami Tuesday morning, the agenda includes new laptops for teachers. This will enhance education, especially in the state's rural communities.

Taylor County teachers say they know all too well the limitations most rural counties see when it comes to education.

Kris Bray, a Taylor County Middle School teacher, says, "We are limited in our access to a lot of things. Rural students are limited in their access as well. Just seeing the use of technology in laptops and power points and such greatly enhances students."

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush unveils the "Technology Tools for Teachers," a proposal that recommends $188 million to buy every teacher in Florida a new laptop computer.

Cathy Schroeder, Press Secretary for the Florida Department of Education, says, "By providing each teacher with a laptop, we level the playing field by making sure that whether they are in downtown Miami or in the heart of Panama City that they all have access to the same tools and equipment, and online planning materials that should be available to each one of them."

Kris adds, "You can do power points for those visual learners, it's an excellent way for them to understand the lesson. Also, there are different types of software that allows teachers to put the grades in using a laptop. The old grade book is out."

Educators say the laptops will help eliminate traditional paperwork and give teachers more time with students. The proposed $188 million will come from money earned off new slot machines in Broward County.