Murder Suspect

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The sharp eyes of a Tallahassee police officer help pull a murder suspect off the streets of Tallahassee.

Right after the officer spotted the suspect, the Violent Fugitive Task Force stormed in, cuffing the suspect and carting him away.

Officers arrested Ollie Edward Parker at the Inverness II Apartments on Ocala Road. Parker was wanted in connection with a murder in Volusia County.

LT Mark Wheeler said, "The guy saw him, saw the officer in the unmarked car and kind of panicked and turned around and ran in this apartment nearby in the area. They surrounded him and we called him out."

Wheeler says the task force received word from Volusia County that Parker was headed our way. Officers had been patrolling areas known to Parker in order to pick him up.

The Violent Fugitive Task Force is a joint agency of police, sheriff and federal agents.