Peace Rally

Peace in the Middle East

Honks and hollers rang through downtown Tallahassee as hundreds of resident displayed their opposition to war. It's a peace rally-taking place around the world and folks in the capitol city took all measures necessary to prove their point.

All they are saying is give peace a chance, hundreds of them , in various ways.

"We are trying to say war is good," said Isabelle Potts, "Why? Ask my boss George, I'm Cheney. We believe war is good." Some, like Potts, used humor, while others waved powerful words.

"We're asking people to send a symbolic message," said Potts. "We should be assisting them not bombing them."

Nearly 500 protestors in Tallahassee expressed the same view Saturday, and if sounded like even more agree. Some protestors say the government is acting too quickly, while others don't think our U.S super power has the right t0 intervene. But will this cry for peace go the distance?

"I don't know if we will be able to stop the war," said Agnes

McMurray, a peace rally organizer. "But we will send a message that people don't agree with what the government is doing."

Folks of all ages turned out for the peace rally.