Remerton Awarded New Exercise Trail

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More than $300,000 is on the way to help expand bike and running trails in one south Georgia town.

Back in June ground was broken on the all new "Azalea City Trail," a place where folks could run, walk or ride their bikes for exercise. Now the trail is expanding out of Valdosta and into the neighboring town of Remerton, thanks to a $360,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Richard Miller, Remerton City Councilman, says, "We have a lot of college students here and they have access to VSU athletic facilities, but everyone likes to walk, and if you have good places to walk it’s better for everyone."

The Remerton trail will connect to the Azalea City Trail, giving walkers, bikers and others an easy way to get to the VSU campus, a place that's become a hassle for drivers.

Keisha Williams, a VSU grad student, says, "Yes, it will help, because parking on campus is terrible, so it will allow people in Remerton to ride a bike to school, skate to school, jog to school or walk."

Outdoor enthusiasts like the new Remerton trail, but are hopeful it’s just the beginning.

Todd Smoot, owner of Get Active Running Store, says, "I hope this is just another cog in the wheel that allows us to get more courses and more facilities in the area to allow people to run, cycle and walk, you name it."

Further expansion of this kind of bike trail could become a reality if locals utilize them and if more state funding can be secured.

Many hope Remerton will also consider paving the trail with a surface other than concrete to make it more attractive to local runners.