Natural Gas Users in Georgia Are Getting a Break This Winter

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Carol Davis uses natural gas and says this winter's bills are very different from last year's.

Carol says, "Recently I've seen a tremendous increase in my bills. Over the last few months it has gone up tremendously."

For natural gas customers digging deep in their pockets, relief is on the way. The City of Thomasville says they will be honoring the governor's tax break this winter.

Lynn Williams, Assistant City Manager for Thomasville, says, "Customers are going to see on their bill they'll be charged the regular six percent sales tax, but then they'll see a two percent tax credit as another item on their bill."

Williams says natural gas users in Thomasville will see the reduction on their bills from February to May.

Carol Davis says, "I think it's going to help me tremendously and also all other residential gas customers once we see this difference."

Perdue says the tax break will save Georgians $20 million, and that's good news for gas users whose dollars so far this winter have been stretched thin as they try to stay warm.

Although the tax break will reduce some costs, Thomasville Utilities continues to encourage customers to reduce their home energy costs through weatherization and conservation.