Thomasville Police Tackling Outstanding Warrants

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Outstanding warrants are piling up at the Thomasville Municipal Court.

Dorothy Clark-Allen, a clerk, said, "It's important for the violators to understand that they have to be responsible enough to take care of the infraction they're given at that time."

The clerk says warrants are often issued for traffic citations and probation and city ordinance violations. Those infractions then go before a judge who hands out a fine they expect offenders to pay.

Clark-Allen added, "A lot of violators don't do that, and therefore it increases our warrants list a lot."

As the long list of outstanding warrants grows, Thomasville police say they'll continue to pursue these violators and bring them to justice.

SGT Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville police spokesperson, said, "We're trying to make sure that people pay their fines appropriately, and when it gets to this point they actually have to go to jail and post that full bond."

By Rose City standards, police say the current amount of warrants is high.

The "most wanted" database on the Thomasville police Web site shows 65 outstanding warrants police say they soon hope to serve, making violators pay and shrinking that growing pile in the city court's office.

The Thomasville Municipal Court clerk says the money collected from warrants is split up between the state and the city.