SWAT for Education in Gadsden County

There's a new program in place in Gadsden county to help students succeed on the upcoming FCAT. It's called the "SWAT Team," and that team will be taking down difficult subjects and simplifying them for area students.

Calvin Robinson is one of 30 top teachers in Gadsden County who has been chosen to be part of the SWAT Team, but Robinson won't be sporting a gun or protective gear. Instead he'll be armed with knowledge to share with students throughout the district.

Calvin Robinson says, "Each of us will teach a lesson and it will be televised, and we're going to share it with 10 grade students who will have to be tested, and we will share it in a relaxed atmosphere just to give them some tips to help them during the test.”

School officials are hoping to make the test a little easier for their students. They'll be broadcasting the information on the small screen throughout the district, and so far students are hoping this program will add up to success.

Laurence Pillers, a sophomore, says, "I think it's a good thing because students these days they're going through problems in class and I think this will help them out."

Sharda Lews adds, “As for Mr. Robinson to be a top teacher, he really does help students do their best. They get a great understanding with him and I think it will help me and other students do our best on the FCAT.

Students will learn strategies and tips designed to help them score high marks on this year's FCAT. Kids in Florida are scheduled to take the FCAT next month.