Student Accused Of Slur Withdraws Hacking Complaint

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By: Bailey Myers
September 27th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Florida State University wrapping up its investigation in connection with racial slurs made through a student's social media account.

The student claims her account was hacked, adding she never made the remarks.

"It was definitely a slap on our face as minorities on campus" explained one FSU student. The controversy continues almost one month after an F-S-U student post what some consider a racial slur on her social media accounts.

Another student said, "I personally thought it was weird that someone would post that on social media."

The student said her account was hacked and filed a complaint with FSU-PD. Friday FSU released a statement saying the complaint has since been withdrawn and the investigation has been closed.
Vice President for Student Affairs Mary Coburn, said they have no plans to move forward with any actions against the accused student.

FSU Student Rebecca Justilien said, "She gets off for what she said. And I don't think she deserves to be kicked out of school or anything too drastic but I think she deserves to know how hurtful her words were."

FSU says they are now working with the Black Student Union to start a campaign called "We are FSU".

One Black Student Union Executive member Rebecca Justilien explained, "We are trying to do our best as a Union of this campus to try and make sure we bridge that gap and make sure things like this do not happen again and make sure that it is known that behavior like this is not accepted on our campus."

The Black Student Union told us it is still talking with F-S-U about this new initiative.

FSU Division of Student Affairs

According to Mary Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs, (FSU) has no basis to further investigate and has no plans to move forward with any actions against the student accused of submitting racial slurs on social media.

FSU Division of Student Affairs Announcement

The Florida State University Police Department has informed us that the student who filed the complaint has since withdrawn it and the investigation has been closed.

Florida State is proud of our tradition as an inclusive community, and throughout the past few weeks, our focus has remained on assuring that our campus is a safe and inclusive environment for students to succeed and lead. Our focus is embodied in two of the values of our Seminole Creed, diversity and freedom of speech. While we protect freedom of expression, we also ask the entire university, our student leaders, and their organizations to do so in a manner that demonstrates our commitment to civility, inclusion, and ethical conduct.

Maintaining an inclusive environment must be an intentional process and a duty that is never finished. While we acknowledge progress — we, as a university community, know that we are not perfect nor are we satisfied with our progress toward sustaining a community that is as inclusive and civil as it needs to be.

We ask that each of us use this opportunity to ensure that our university continues to have an environment of respect for all. We are working together to activate the “We are FSU” campaign initiated by the Black Student Union. We look forward to broad participation in this ongoing effort.

Mary Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs
Rosie Contreras, Student Government President

By Garin Flowers
September 5, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Twitter and Vine are two social media sites that many students use in all type of ways. The way it was used Wednesday has people outraged.

It was at an event on campus called Market Wednesday where it allegedly occurred. Social media erupted as people reposted snapshots of the posts, which say "Welcome to FAMU, I mean FSU," followed by a hashtag with a phrase that is considered a racial slur.

The black student union met with the VP of student affairs, they say the meeting went well and the student is being investigated.

The Twitter and Vine accounts with the racial comments have been deactivated. We spoke by phone with the person they belonged to. She said that her profiles were hacked, that she wasn't at the event and that she's not racist. She further said she's the victim of a prank and has been threatened and harassed because of it.

A statement from FSU is below:

This message has been approved by Mary B. Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs, for distribution to all students.

Dear Students:

Late yesterday evening an inappropriate social media message regarding students at Florida State University and Florida A & M University was brought to the attention of the University. Florida State has zero tolerance for racist speech, no matter which medium is used to communicate the message. Please be assured that the University is investigating this situation and will take appropriate action within University policy.

Florida State University is proud to be a diverse community with a longstanding tradition of respect for the dignity and worth of each person. We expect each member of our community to embrace the values of civility and ethical conduct and demonstrate respect for others and ourselves. Florida State will host our annual Civility Week September 11-17. Civility Week will provide an opportunity for our University community to discuss relevant issues, like this matter, that impact each of us and the greater community.

For more information on our long-standing tradition of "Uphold the Garnet and Gold," visit

Best wishes for successful and positive school year.

Mary B. Coburn
Vice President for Student Affairs

Rosie Contreras
Student Government President

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