Charges Filed in Deadly Shooting

Charges are now filed in the death of a Boston, Georgia man. Authorities say it all started as a quarrel between two Boston men over a woman.

Now, investigators say Perris Brooks is charged with manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of James Dunbar. Residents say the neighborhood along Martin Road in Boston is a very quiet community, a quiet that was broken Monday when gunshots rang out.

Connie Everett, the victim’s cousin, said, "I heard a gunshot and I didn't think anything of it because I have a cousin that likes to hunt."

What Everett and her family didn't know was that their cousin James Dunbar was dying in the driveway right next door as a result of that gunshot.

Carmelita Samuel, also the victim's cousin, added, "He was a sweet person and I'm just going to miss him. I wish it never happened."

Thomas County investigators say Dunbar arrived at a Martin Road home Monday night and began arguing with 47-year-old Perris Brooks over a woman who lives at the home. Authorities say both men pulled out weapons.

INV Pascal Autry of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office said, "There were some shots fired. Mr. Brooks also pulled out a weapon and it was at that time that Mr. Dunbar received a gunshot wound to the upper part of his body."

Investigators say Dunbar was pronounced dead upon arrival at Thomasville's Archbold Hospital, and as the investigation continues and this neighborhood tries to return to normal, the victim's family says they're relying on faith to get them through this tough time.

Everett adds, "That's the joy that I get, knowing everything that's happened. It happened for a reason, and we may not know the reason for it, but God will bring it to us by and by."

The Thomas County Jail says that Perris Brooks has been released on bond. Meanwhile, family members of the victim say James Dunbar has left behind a wife and four children.