Teen Report: Performing Arts Classes

Lincoln High School juniors Jalisa Johnson and Bud Simpson are both a part of Lincoln's musical "Once Upon a Mattress." Both students plan on pursuing their musical talents in college.

Bud says, "After high school I'm going to the School of Music at FSU, and film school too."

Jalisa Johnson says, "I'm probably going to Davidson, North Carolina and probably minoring in music. I'm going to be a teacher, an elementary school teacher, and I'll probably direct."

The Leon County School Board is currently considering a proposal that will allow all high school students taking certain chorus, band and drama classes to receive honors credit.

Jalisa says, "I'm really excited that they're going to enact that this next year, that they're going to rate all the upper level band, chorus, and performing arts classes as they would an honors class."

Bud adds, "I'm totally for it. I've been telling everybody. I can't wait. It's going to be incredible."

The new designation would certainly help both Bud and Jalisa achieve their goals through boasting their GPAs.

Jalisa adds, "I'm just hoping that this will help the chorus programs, the band programs, the drama programs. It will help them grow."

The school board still has to vote on the issue, but these kids are hoping for a yes, because there's nothing like being honored both on stage, and in the classroom.

Lincoln's production of "Once Upon a Mattress" will be showing April 8th - 10th in the Lincoln auditorium.