Meth Users Keep Doctors Busy

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Meth is a drug that can be snorted, injected or in its crystal form smoked in a pipe. At one point it was only used by a small percentage of the population, but that's no longer the case.

Doctors say they're treating its damaging effects more. Dr. Keith May has worked in emergency rooms all across the country. Of all the patients he's treated for drug overdoses, he says methamphetamines are the most serious.

"A lot of them come in; they're very agitated, kind of euphoria, bizarre, repetitive behavior. A lot come in DOA from using the drug. There's really so safe way to take it," said May.

With meth use becoming more common, May says he's not surprised by the findings of a new study. The National Association of Counties finds methamphetamines account for more emergency room visits than any other drug.

"Certain ERs everyday, you'll see three or four cases of meth abuse, which is any use at all, and it kind of puts a strain on an already overstrained system."

Officers say it can be dangerous for the users, the manufacturers and the narcotic officers.

"It's a very flammable situation. The chemicals used to try to make methamphetamines can be very lethal. They have very non-visible gases that are released and can be deadly not only to the people there to buy it, but also the officers there to handle the call," said
Narcotic INV Greg Wilder with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Dr. May says you never know what you're getting in the mixes.

"Just don't do it. There's no safe way to do it and it's not dose related. Small amounts can kill you.”

Wilder says the manufacture of methamphetamines is more prevalent in the rural parts of our area such Wakulla County and south Georgia because when the drug is being made it emits a strong odor, so a more secluded area is preferred.