Thank Your Mentor Day

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It’s one day of thanks for an act that could very well last a lifetime. Wednesday was Thank Your Mentor Day, and it spotlights the importance of mentoring children.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of South Georgia Director Shasta Allen says, "To let people know that children need mentoring. Children are very important to our society and community and with a mentor children can thrive better."

Mentors appreciate the day, but most agree on one thing.

Big brother Jeremiah Graham says, "The reward is actually being a mentor itself."

The Big Brother Big Sister organization helps match underprivileged kids with a positive mentor.

Allen says, "These mentors build their self-esteem. They help them to thrive, you know, they give them an outlook that says I can do this. I can be somebody."

Big Brothers Big Sisters has two different ways you can be a mentor. There's the community based program where you are matched with a child and asked to spend two to four hours a week with them.

And for those that don't have a whole lot of extra time, there's the Buddies in School Program where you spend an hour or so with a child at their school.

December Storey runs this program and is a big sister herself.

Storey says, "Whatever you put in, you get right back. It's a very selfless act, but at the same time it's very rewarding."

Storey and others say you should think about becoming a mentor. It could change a child's life.