Report Shows Sexual Harassment on College Campuses Is Widespread

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New findings from the American Association of University Women show sexual harassment on college campuses is widespread.

Sixty two percent of undergraduates surveyed from a sample of U.S. colleges and universities have experienced some type of sexual harassment.

"Society, pretty much, doesn't see whistling and calling your name as a form of harassment. People say it is a complement, but it's not a complement if you feel degraded," says FSU student Andrea Gruber.

"I know I've walked down the street and guys have called things out to me like, 'Hey, pretty momma.' But I don't think it's right because it's very embarrassing for that person. It's not nice to be exposed in front of your friends and peers," says FSU student Stephanie Weisbein.

Also in the study, 35 percent of women surveyed say the harassment was physical in nature and involved being touched, grabbed or pinched.

College students in our area feel a lot of campus harassment goes unreported.

"There's some people who want the attention, but most people don't want to make a big deal of things. So, I'm sure students kind of dance around it or they feel reporting it would make them look bad, like they had brought it on themselves by attracting that attention," says student advocate Rhia Blakburn.

The report also found 29 percent of male students surveyed experienced some form of physical sexual harassment. The AAUW plans to follow up this research by helping colleges and universities develop ideas and programs to address this sensitive issue.

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