Three Arrested in Valdosta Drug Bust

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The Valdosta Police Tact Team and Narcotics Units discovered a large amount of drugs during a bust late Thursday night.

Now William Deshawn Bellamy is one of three men under arrest and facing multiple charges, including possession of marijuana, and cocaine, and intent to distribute charges.

According to narcotics investigators, this bust netted more than 75 grams of marijuana and in excess of seven grams of cocaine, enough drugs to warrant distribution charges.

"I hope it sends a message to that neighborhood that we are looking. You may not see a patrol car driving through there all the time, but we want to make your area safe. Because if your area is safe, and your home is safe, then we're doing our job," a job that includes targeting suspected drug dealers, and keeping Valdosta streets safe.

In addition to the drugs being seized, two cars were also taken into police custody as investigators determined they were part of this drug running operation.