Bus Crash Kills Seven Children

A fiery crash involved a school bus, a van and a semi truck in Lake Butler, Florida. The accident scene was horrific.

Eddie Jackson, an eyewitness, said, "In 22 years that I have been driving it was the worst wreck that I'd seen."

Seven children were killed in a fiery crash Wednesday afternoon in a rural part of northern Florida when a school bus, a van and a tractor trailer collided.

The Highway Patrol says the victims range in age from 15 years old to just 21 months. All those who died were from the van.

Eddie Jackson saw the whole thing happen and stopped to try and help.

Eddie said, "That's when I seen the ‘young’ns’ was laying out in the road and then the van caught on fire just as I was getting out of the truck."

Although several injuries have been reported, Union County school district officials say the nine students traveling in the bus appear to be okay.

Officers investigating the accident said the crash occurred when the tractor trailer hit the van from behind and slammed it into the school bus.

Jerry Whitehead, Union County Sheriff, said, "It looked like it was accidental, not contributed to the road or the conditions."

Jackson, who is also a truck driver, isn't sure why it happened, but he thinks the trucker is to blame.

Eddie added, "I wasn't in his truck, but I'll say that he had time to stop and it was his fault in my opinion."

A federal transportation team was there to investigate.