FSU Police Crack Down on Campus Speeders

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When FSU police officer Lance McLeod stops students for speeding along Stadium Drive, he says the excuses come pouring in.

"Some of the things they tell me is that they are in a hurry, late for class, they know they were speeding and promise not to do it again," says McLeod.

Officer McLeod says speeding is not so much a problem in the center of campus, citing smaller roads and tighter spaces. But Stadium Drive presents a different problem since it is a major thoroughfare between Tennessee Street and Lake Bradford.

"If someone has the urge to drive fast, that street is more conducive to do that. So we are out there on a regular basis with laser detectors to make sure people stay within the speed limit," says FSU police Lieutenant James Russell.

They’re also concerned for pedestrians and cyclists using the road. The hope is that with a heavier patrol presence, motorists will start using a little more caution.

About a year ago, FSU police started a program called Crash Avoidance Through the Reduction of Speed. It is an education program aimed at slowing motorists and saving lives.