South Georgia Storm Damage

A local family is grateful to be alive after a severe storm ripped the front porch off their home.

Monday night a severe front moved through our region, hitting the Jordan home in North Brooks County especially hard.

Stanley Jordan said, "Seen some lightning first, then heard some heavy wind and rumbling sounds, and I told the family to get on the floor. We did and heard a rumbling sound, and as you see, (the storm) took the porch over the top of the house and into the backyard."

And in a matter of seconds it was all over, the home left standing while the front porch was ripped to pieces. Some parts of the missing porch were discovered in the backyard, but other chunks remain unaccounted for.

The personal insurance adjuster called in by the family says considering the damage to the front porch, he's very surprised and thankful the family inside was not hurt by the storm.

Dan Hardman, a licensed public adjuster, said, "It was absolutely fantastic that no one was hurt. The main structure didn't encounter a major impact. In order to be a good structure, it needs to be taken down and rebuilt from the ground up. That's the only way it will be structurally sound."

It could take several months for the porch to be rebuilt, but for now the Jordan family can remain thankful the strongest part of the storm only hit their porch and not the rest of their home.

Weather reports show winds up to 50 miles per hour when the storm first moved into our area.