Thomas County Drug Agents Cleaning the Streets in the New Year

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The barbers at Watkins Barbershop have been cutting hair for years and say they're happy to see drugs swept out of their neighborhoods.

Charlie Williams says, "I love it to death. Get rid of it. Get these drugs off the streets. Clean the streets up. We need the streets cleaned."

One month into the new year Thomas County drug agents say they've arrested more than 40 people and are working nearly 30 marijuana cases, a dozen cocaine busts, and several meth, ecstasy, and ephedrine cases.

Kevin Lee of the Thomas County Drug Squad says, "Busy is good because it takes a lot of cocaine, marijuana, meth, ecstasy off the streets. You're gonna have someone who'll replace them, but at least you take those people off the streets."

While the barbers know that there's a drug problem in their backyard, they say it's a problem plaguing the entire community.

Mickey Anderson says, "Just don't aim at one side of the street, it's dirt on both sides. So that's how I think it should work."

Agents say they're working hard to rid the entire county of drugs, their main focus being meth.

Kevin Lee adds, "With these cooks getting out we really need to watch the meth ‘cause it'll catch like wildfire."

It’s a wildfire that agents say they will continue to extinguish one dealer at a time. In addition to the drugs they've seized this first month of 2006, Thomas County drug agents say they've also confiscated nearly $3,000.

Last year the drug squad's forfeitures reached nearly $100,000.