No Skateboarding Allowed

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The city of Thomasville is putting up a roadblock for skate boarders. The city council amends an ordinance and outlaws skate boarding throughout much of the Rose City.

Thomasville's new YMCA skate park is one of the few places left for skaters to put their wheels in motion.

John Weeks, a skater, says, "The parking lots are pretty much rough(er), so you skate out here cause it's smooth and all that. They have ramps."

Thomasville police say the old law banning skateboards only applied to the downtown area, and say complaints about skaters in parking lots outside downtown have been pouring in, but those complaints should end now that all commercial areas are off limits.

John Weeks says, "I don't think it's that cool, but this is fun."

With it now prohibited throughout much of the city, skate boarders can only use a business' sidewalk or parking lot if the owner puts up a sign saying they're allowed to do so.

SGT Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville police spokesperson, says, “In this case the city has made it where the owners don't have to worry about that. If they're out there in a parking lot or on sidewalks, they're in violation of the ordinance.”

With the law's new version in place, Thomasville police say they'll be clamping down, and skaters like John say they'll stick to the skate park and other places that aren't off limits.

Along with skate boards, Thomasville police say the ordinance's revisions also apply to roller blades, scooters and bikes not being used for transportation.