A Former Quincy Commissioner Makes Another Run

A former Quincy city Commissioner has qualified to run for the office he once held several years ago

Glendell Russ announced his bid for city commissioner Monday and says he's ready to bring change to the city.

Glendell Russ says he was removed from office because of dirty politics and now he wants to reclaim the seat he lost five years ago.

"And this day I'm announcing my candidacy for city of Quincy District 3 race,” announces Russ.

And Russ is trying to put some tough times behind him. In March of 1999, Russ was charged with vote tampering, he was accused of intimidating an elderly woman and two young adults into casting a ballot for a certain candidate. This past December, those charges were thrown out on appeal, but the state is still planning to take the case to the state Supreme Court.

Nonetheless, Russ says he is optimistic about his political career and hopes to bring about change.

"I'm going to bring some support to commissioner Ford and Dowdell because I don't think that they're getting there fair share that they should be receiving as far as them being mentors,” Russ adds.

Quincy Mayor, Derrick Elias says Russ' candidacy will make for an interesting race.

“I think with him entering it make it makes it a lot more interesting. I think Mr. Russ has a tendency to draw people into the polls and vote and perhaps it could be a good think,” Mayor Elias says.

And residents who live in the district agree, The elections in Quincy will be held on April 29.