Teen Arrested for Wild Rush Hour Chase

It had all the elements of a Hollywood story, a reckless driver weaving through traffic, police hot on her tail, pedestrians standing in harm's way.

Police seemingly trapped their suspect in a nearby parking lot, but the driver in the gold Intrepid refusing to give up.

OFC John Newland with TPD said, "When she turned around she almost struck an officer, and that's when he fired rounds into her car."

Jim Waller, a witness, said, "As soon as I heard the shots I tried to move to the building and be safe."

But safety wasn't an issue for the suspect, 16-year-old Anquette Giddens. She pressed on, smashing through 10 or so cars careening down Tennessee Street, leaving onlookers in disbelief.

Trevor Bond, an eyewitness, asked himself, "Am I really seeing this car up on two wheels sliding right passed me?"

Straight out of a movie, up until the very end when the gold Intrepid could handle no more, officers made their move using a taser, then physical strength, pulling Giddens from her car, cuffing her and taking her in.

Police say Giddens faces more than a dozen charges including grand theft auto and aggravated assault on a police officer. She has been booked in the Juvenile Assessment Center.

OFC John Creamer, a 12-year-veteran with TPD, has been placed on paid administrative leave.