Georgia Nurses Rally for More Rights

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Advanced practice nurses like Lisa Baker-Carr say that although they consult patients and call in prescriptions, legally they can't write prescriptions in Georgia, and they say it's a rule they want to see changed.

Rita Ray, a certified nurse midwife, says, "It's only going to be written down what we already do. It doesn't change our practice. It doesn't have us doing more with less consultation."

Nurse practitioners say writing prescriptions makes it more convenient for the patient, but some doctors have reservations about handing over that right.

Dr. Sandra Reed, ObGyn, says, "I think it would be a good idea for them to have prescriptive privileges under the protocol system where they have some guidance from physicians; but as far as a total independent practice with no guidance and no supervision, I think most physicians would have issues with that."

Regina Lewis, a certified nurse practitioner, says, "We are responsible in calling in our prescriptions. We should have the legality piece of paper showing that we did write the prescription."

Georgia is the only state in the country that doesn't allow advanced practice nurses to write prescriptions, and these nurses say it's about time the state grants them that right.

The Georgia House and Senate will be voting on the bill this legislative session.