New Voter ID Law

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If you're a Georgia resident and you don't have a state issued ID, it might be time to get one. With the stroke of a pen, Georgia's Gov. Sonny Perdue enacted the new voter ID law requiring voters to show a state issued photo ID.

It also requires each county to issue a voter ID to everyone, free of charge.

Supervisor of Elections Debrah Cox says, "Acceptable forms of ID will be a state of Georgia driver's license or a military ID, or a state identification of some sort. This will just provide one more avenue."

When lawmakers first proposed the bill it received a lot of opposition claiming it was essentially imposing a poll tax, but then there was a compromise requiring counties to issue voter IDs free of charge.

Most people who opposed now approve.

Voter Steven Wright says, "I guess it makes sense to see who's eligible and who's not eligible to vote."

For some there’s still a lingering concern about getting people to the polls.

Councilman James Wright says, "For me, that's probably the biggest thing I'm concerned about is getting people out to vote whether they have to have an ID or don't have an ID."

Voter Jennifer Stone adds, "It's very important 'cause we're all living together. We all need to have that voice and try and make it work and be happy with what we have."

The intent of the legislation is to limit voter fraud. The next election will begin to prove its effectiveness.