Stewart Street

While construction crews have been hammering away at the Stewart Street project, residents want to know why it's taking so long.

Construction on the Stewart Street bridge in Quincy has been a familiar site for the last eight months.

Cecil Mathis says, "It's just an inconvenience because you have to go to different roads and back streets.”

Stewart Street is a major artery in the city of Quincy. Countless homes and two schools are down the street. Residents who use this street have had to follow detour signs to get to those places, but that will all change.

Motorists say the project is drilling into their patience, and they're concerned if the repairs will ever be completed.

Miranda Wilson adds, "At first we were wondering when they would fix the bridge, then at Christmastime they're still not finished.”

City officials blame the delay on unforeseen problems that seem to keep cropping up.

Ann Sherman says, "There were several things under surface that had not been recognized, obviously, until the contractors actually got into the job and found that they were quite a bit of erosion that had taken place over they years."

Crews expect the bridge repair to be completed by the end of next month, and motorists will once again have full use of the street.

City officials expect Stewart Street to reopen on February 28.