Haven Hospice Center Coming

In several rural communities, there's no end-of-life care service. A new hospice facility in our area means to families and patients.

Tammy Barrett's father was diagnosed with a brain tumor in October. She says it may be time to consider hospice care.

Tammy says, "If and when things get bad enough we will be able to take a little time off, have somebody come in and sit with daddy if we need a little break. Just have someone here with the knowledge."

The only end-of-life care for Suwannee County residents is visits from out of town workers to Shands of Live Oak Hospital. That's changing soon.

Gilbert Richardson, a friend of former hospice patients, says, "They would be in a facility more than right there in the family's home. It would make it a lot better for the families, too."

Construction has begun on the Haven Hospice of the Suwannee Valley. The much-needed in-patient facility will feature 16 private rooms, a community room, a chapel, and offices located west of Lake City on U.S. Highway 90.

Mary King, a Suwannee County resident, says, "I think it's great. We need something like that in Suwannee County."

Tammy's 69-year-old dad says he's at peace with his illness.

Everett Hobbs, brain cancer patient, says, "I haven't had any pain. I haven't had any wants. I haven't lacked anything. It's because of God's grace."

Tammy adds, "We keep him in our thoughts and our prayers everyday."

Prayers for her family and all those who will benefit from the hospice center.

Haven Hospice of the Suwannee Valley will serve Suwannee, Lafayette, Columbia, Hamilton, Union, and Baker Counties. It is expected to be open by December.