Child Endangerment Bill

A bill moving through the Georgia House could finally give the state a clear-cut child endangerment law.

It would also put more teeth into the state's current child cruelty law.

Protecting Georgia’s children is a high priority for some lawmakers which is why they are hoping to pass the state's first child endangerment law.

"Any person causing a child under the age of 18 excessive mental or physical pain" could be charged with a second-degree felony this includes those who keep a child in an abusive situation, even if they are not the abuser.

"It's kinda hard to say whether or not it's fair that they should be prosecuted for not endangering their own lives, but the intentions of the law are very much alive,” says concerned parent Kendrick Duncan.

Essentially, it will hold people responsible for being negligent with a child's well-being. But, it's causing some uneasiness among the domestic abuse community, referring to people who keep kids in an abusive home, they tell us criminalizing them does not help them come forward, because they may be fearing for their own lives as well.

A reason why the bill is stuck in the House while legislators await clarification.

And, once it's on the table, the fairness will be determined by lawmakers. This has been a multiple attempt by lawmakers to put this issue into law, but this year they say they are confident it will pass in the house.