Thomasville Police Put the Breaks on Reckless Driving

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The Thomasville Police Department hopes new technology will put a stop to reckless driving in the city.

Running red lights and getting away with it will soon be a thing of the past in Thomasville. The city and police department are working to install red light cameras at problem intersections.

SGT Rachelle Denmark of the Thomasville Police Department says, "It's a way to alter drivers’ behavior and decrease traffic accidents."

Some Thomasville motorists say they support any efforts to slow drivers down.

Tim Louderback, a driver, says, "As a father of four I truly feel that safety is my utmost concern. Everyone should drive safe, and from time to time we've all seen individuals run a red light."

Police say their main focus will be at the intersection of 319 and 19 where they say they average one accident a week.

SGT Denmark says, "If an officer were to observe someone running a red light, that's a criminal violation and they get points on their license, $127 fine, driver's history reflected, insurance rates can go up. If the camera catches them it's a $70 fine. That's it."

Police say by summer cameras will be installed in most intersections of the city, cameras that will stop drivers in their tracks.

Police say signs will be posted reminding drivers of the new camera system at every intersection.