Marriage Project Underway

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Thomasville Family Net was selected to spearhead the project by the Georgia Family Council.

Wednesday a spokesperson from the Family Council dropped by The Plaza restaurant in Thomasville to help launch the program's initial training sessions.

Gregg Hunter of the Georgia Family Council says, "What we hope to accomplish in this effort is a reduction of the divorce rate in Georgia by 35 percent by the year 2013, and that will come about as people become more educated about how to build healthy marriages, how to prepare for marriages before they start and then how to encourage others to stay together and work through problems."

Phylliss Dearing of Covenant of Grace Family Church says, "I think it is great that a program like this can come to Thomasville, such a small community, but nonetheless what can happen here is very significant."

The first sessions of the program aim to train the trainer. Thomasville Family Net is a family advocacy group made up of pastors and community leaders.