New Technology Helps Save Lives

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Getting help to someone in need is being facilitated by new technology that will help first responders do their job more efficiently.

CAPT Tim Connell of the Thomasville Fire Department says, "When you dialed 911 from a cell phone there's no telling where the call would go to. You may end up in Macon, and Macon does not know our streets, so a lot of confusion, a lot of time being wasted that's critical."

Under the new system you can call anywhere from your cell phone and whether or not you know where you are, when the call comes in dispatchers can pinpoint your exact location."

LT Sandra McDonald, an E-911 dispatcher in Thomas County, says, "It'll give us a longitude and a latitude. Then we can track you on a map to where you're at, and if you've ever been lost, don't know where you're at, that can make minutes, hours. There's a big difference."

In life and death situations dispatchers say this information could turn hours into minutes and save lives. Dispatchers say the system will provide service to six different cell phone providers.