Danfoss-Turbocor Moving

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Danfoss-Turborcor says it chose to make the move to Tallahassee because it brought the balance; it was looking for reasonable operating costs and the intellectual capital.

The concrete goes down next week for the new building, which will be owned by the City of Tallahassee and Innovation Park. The company's president says that gives him about eight months to build an entire staff.

The way has been cleared for Danfoss-Turbocor. Its new headquarters are going up at Tallahassee's Innovation Park. The project will be complete in June.

It's a move from Canada to Florida the company says makes sense. It builds highly efficient magnetic compressors for air conditioners.

President Joseph Orosz says, “To get the product to where we are today, to where it's in commercialized use, we need a lot of engineering resources."

Engineer Edgar Hilton has been following the talks to bring Danfoss-Turbocor to Tallahassee since April.

Edgar Hilton says, “Being a mechanical engineer in Tallahassee is a curse almost. If you love the city, you can't be a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer for that matter."

That curse is broken. Hilton is among the first locals to be hired by the company, and the company president says there's still a long way to go. He has about 50 positions to fill in the next eight months, from electrical engineers to assembly workers.

In the next five years the company will increase its workforce to 200 jobs. It was long journey from talks to construction, but the company is in Tallahassee and ready to get business going.

Brad Day with the Economic Development Council says Turbocor's $16 million annual payroll translates into an average salary of about $60,000, compared to the average wage in Leon County, which is 30,000.

The council expects more than 200 additional jobs will be created outside the company as a result. The company is taking applications at Tallahassee Community College.