Burglary Spree Ends in Arrest

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Tallahassee police nabbed Jeffrey Tucker who they say is responsible for a spree of burglaries at an industrial laundry business.

"He was stealing towels out of there and selling them to people in the community, letting them have a nice clean towel for some money," said SGT Mark Meadows with the Tallahassee Police Department.

ALSCO manager Charlie Thomas says the suspect broke into their trucks in the parking lot more than a dozen times.

"He was taking towels, he stole radios. He'd taken batteries, soaps, about anything he could get his hands on that was loose, he was taking it and selling it in the neighborhood."

The business installed a surveillance and security system, eventually catching Tucker on tape, then police caught him.

Meadows credits the public and the surveillance video.

"Caught a real good image of the bad guy actually committing the burglary and we used those pictures and showed ‘em around in the community, and quite a few people told us who the bad guy was."

Thomas is just glad the suspect is behind bars.

"Now they've caught the guy and we're extremely ecstatic about him being caught."

Throughout the whole ordeal the suspect got away with about $10,000 worth of merchandise.